Tips for traveling with a large family: In my previous article, I told you the truth about traveling with a large family.

Tips for traveling with a large family: In my previous article, I told you the truth about traveling with a large family. And although going on holiday with a large family (3+ kids) is mainly great fun, you do have a bit more to organize and plan than when you travel with a smaller family. But with these tips for traveling with a large family, your family vacation will be a success anyway. In preparation and during your holiday with children.


Preparing for the trip with a large family is really half the battle. Make a holiday or travel plan in advance for your holiday with children and draw up a travel budget plan. Most of all I dread packing the suitcases. You can probably imagine what a job that is with four children. And then also have to pack your own sh*t. How nice is it when your kids are at an age when they can also help you pack the suitcases? Give them a list of things to put ready, have them roll up the clothes, and put the shoes together. And then you can pack your suitcases in no time with these 10 tips to pack your suitcase.


  • Fly

    Flying with a large family can get pricey. But if you book early and use apps like Skyscanner and google flights, you'll be amazed at how little money you can afford to fly with kids. The great thing is that you can be on the other side of the world in a few hours. In six hours we flew to Cape Verde, and then you are really somewhere else than in Europe.


  • A road trip

    Making a road trip with a large family is in many cases cheaper than a plane trip. Provided you already have a suitable car to take the car trip with kids. I think the biggest advantage of making a road trip is the control you have in your own hands. You decide when you leave home and when you stop somewhere to take a break. And because you travel overland, you also see a lot. This way you can visit three countries in two weeks. If you drive to Italy, you can make a beautiful route and visit different cities on the way to your destination in, for example, southern Italy. Rome and Bologna for example.


  • Accommodation

    Finding suitable accommodation for a large family is a real challenge. Hotels with family rooms that actually fit 6 family members are scarce. But luckily there are many holiday homes where you can find a nice place to stay. Although I like the luxury of hotels (not having to make your bed yourself or tidy up anything), I find a holiday home much more pleasant for a holiday with the family. Your kids have the space to play and you are much less on each other's lips than in a hotel room. Most hotel guests can be stolen from me, I really love the privacy that a holiday home offers you. With these tips, you will find suitable accommodation for your large family.


  • Camping

    I personally don't like camping that much. All that hassle with a tent. Brr, it gives me the shivers. My boys, on the other hand, would love it. But they don't want it hard enough to really convince me. For many families, camping is a solution. And I also get it (if I forget the tent and camping sanitary facilities for a moment) camping is a lot cheaper than most types of accommodation. And therefore very affordable for a large family with an average income. You are outside all day and your kids quickly make friends.


Once you travel, the fun can begin, right? Then really start because the holiday anticipation is also part of the holiday for us. You have made your travel planning and therefore you know what you all want to see, do and experience on your holiday with a large family. If you don't want to lose any time figuring out how to get from A to B, you've included that in your travel planning. You and your family are ready to enjoy time together. With the tips below you can ensure that your holiday with your large family is a successful one.

  • keep your cool

    This is immediately the most valuable tip I have for you. Keep your cool. I know better than anyone that running a large family sometimes feels like you're doing crisis management. You hear "mom" from four different children at the same time and your partner also wants your attention. That's how it is at home and on vacation that doesn't change. And because you're not at home, you don't know the environment like the back of your hand, and you have to get to know the supermarket again, it might become too much for you faster than at home. But snapping on vacation feels even dumber than snapping at home. After all, you have paid a lot of money and apart from that, this is the time to enjoy your family.

    Therefore, take some time for yourself every day while on holiday. Retreat for a while with a good book or gaze out at the sea. You will see that after half an hour you are fully charged again. Alternate with your possible partner or travel companion so that they can also relax for a while. It may well be that your kids also need some alone time. Check that with them. Brothers and sisters can also play separately. This way you prevent them from sitting too close to each other and arguing about nothing. Don't forget to consciously build in quality time with your partner.

    • Not perfect is also good enough

    Not everything goes as you expected or planned. Sometimes a child poops in his pants in the least convenient place. Your kids just don't want to listen in the restaurant. That crispy white t-shirt has a chocolate ice cream stain that you can't get off. And that attraction that was very high on everyone's list turns out to be closed. It's all super annoying but it is what it is. Not perfect is also good enough. Say it like a mantra in your head until you actually feel it. You will see that you enjoy the little things much more.

    • Alternate busy days with calmer days

    One day you go out, the other day you stay near the house. If you alternate busy days with quieter days, you will not only have a varied holiday (you will not have used up all your herbs in the first week), but you will also have enough energy to actually carry out all the fun things on your schedule.

    • Siesta

    In most southern European countries people still have a siesta. In Sicily, that meant that the shops were closed between 13:00 - 16:00. We also kept to the siesta most days. Not necessarily from 13:00 - 16:00 but we did slow down a bit. The kids had to lie down for half an hour without TV etc and then quietly read a book or play a game. This way you can also relax for a while.


    Holidays should be a bit fancy I think. And that is also possible with a large family and an average income. Provided you choose the right holiday country. In Portugal, Spain, and Italy you can eat out cheaply and deliciously. We usually dine out on holiday. We do breakfast and lunch at home or with a simple sandwich from the supermarket. This way you keep it affordable and you don't have to work hard while you're on vacation.

    Look what the locals eat. These are often tasty and inexpensive choices. Both in restaurants and in the supermarket. Maybe you'll taste something completely new to you.

    Make your family vacation a success with these tips for traveling with a large family. Even with 3 children or more you can have a very nice, valuable and affordable holiday. And.. I should know.

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