Traveling with children: 6 tips for good planning & preparation

Traveling with children is slightly different than traveling alone or with your partner. Especially the first time with children can take some getting used to. 

Traveling with children is slightly different than traveling alone or with your partner. Especially the first time with children can take some getting used to. It can be quite chaotic if something goes wrong or if the kids are not having a good time .

How do you ensure that your holiday is fun for the whole family? With these 11 tips you will certainly come to an end.

  1. Keep it calm and provide enough time

Let the crowds go around you and take your time during your trip. Make sure you plan enough so that you don't have to rush to your gate at the airport, or that you can make enough stops by car for pee and play breaks.

The same applies once arrived. You may have seen a museum or other landmark in half an hour, but your kids find it so interesting that they want to explore even more. So don't plan your days overcrowded, because after a stressful day full of haste and urgency you will only be disappointed with what you didn't do.

  1. Good planning really helps

When planning, keep in mind all the things that are important to both yourself and your children. For example, the time of departure or your seat on the plane can be an important comfort-enhancing factor. For example, make sure you fly in the evening when your child normally always sleeps, and make sure you have enough time during a possible transfer. Think about the most convenient location to sit with your child(ren).

  1. Choose your holiday destination consciously

Where is the journey going to? It is important that you think carefully about the location. What do you want to do or see? Where do you want to stay? What should be nearby when you stay? When the children are a bit older you can let them decide. It is important that everyone has a good time on holiday.

First, of course, you choose the destination. Inquire extensively. Are there certain extra measures you should take, such as vaccinations or visas? How child-friendly is the location? If you are traveling with breastfed babies, it is wise to consider how mother-friendly a destination is.

  1. Pack your bags smartly

Whether you are going to fly or go by car, luggage is the ballast that you prefer to keep to a minimum. Therefore, do not take too much with you, but of course, make sure you have all the important things with you. Leave items at home that can also be purchased locally, and only bring enough diapers and cleaning wipes for the first few days.

Make sure you have enough clothes so that you can change your shirt during the trip if necessary. This is especially important if you are going to fly because your child will be constantly with you and if, for example, there is vomiting, you will not only have to give your child a different outfit but also yourself. Bring a backpack or suitcase with hand luggage, also for in the car, so that you can easily reach all important and necessary items. Provide an extra set of clothes for everyone in case something gets lost. Leave the large pushchair at home and bring a small folding buggy or sling instead.

  1. Be sure to always check passports

Before you leave, you want to make sure that your passports are still valid. Perhaps the passport needs to be valid for a few more months upon arrival in the destination country. So always check this carefully, because you do not want to find out at customs that you should have applied for a new passport.

  1. Tell what's going to happen

The first time by plane, the first time staying in a hotel, or just the first time abroad: the holidays can be quite exciting for the children (even if they are already going away for the second or third time). Therefore, talk well with the children. Explain what you are going to do and what it entails. What will happen at the airport? What is different about the country you are going to? Search the internet for some nice photos or videos to show what awaits them.


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